Your TMJ Dentist In Welland Can Stop The Pain

Woman tilts head down and holds jaw due to TMJ pain

If you clench your jaws, grind your teeth, or have an unbalanced bite, eventually your chewing muscles can become fatigued, shorten, and go into painful spasms. Pain that originates in your jaw joints (TMJ) can spread to your temples or the back of your head and trigger migraines. It can also cause chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. Did you know… this is a condition your dentist in Welland can help alleviate. Learn more below.

Why do TMJ disorders develop?

The temporomandibular joint plays a crucial role in how your jaw functions. It is comprised of joints on either side of your face that connect your jawbone to your skull. If it doesn’t function properly, you experience the pain described above. At this point, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing responsible for a person’s TMJ, however, the factors that can lead to pain include …

  • arthritis
  • jaw injury
  • genetics

Also, bruxism (the clenching or grinding of teeth) is present in some people who have this disorder.

If you’ve been looking online for “TMJ dentist in Welland”, our caring team can reduce or even provide total relief of these symptoms if your discomfort is dental in origin. By determining your optimum bite, one that supports the jaw so your muscles can work together efficiently, and custom-crafting your treatment plan …

  • Your aching jaw muscles could finally relax.
  • You could get relief from tenderness of the jaw muscles, limited jaw opening, facial or head pain.
  • You could eliminate those clicking, popping, and grating noises.
  • You could conquer fatigue and disrupted sleep patterns that are a result of TMJ pain.

Chronic pain can lead to stress and tension which can worsen your TMJ symptoms over time. At Welland Dental Centre, we recommend a thorough exam to help determine the cause of your discomfort and to recommend the right treatment plan. We’d also be happy to talk about other dental services you might be interested in that will help you achieve your smile dreams. New patient? We encourage you to fill out our online intake form before arriving at our practice.

Call today and let us help you get the relief you deserve!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Drs. Mudhar Al-Bayati & Yasser Mohammed, your Welland dentists