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At Scarborough Dental Care, we do things a little differently because, sometimes, different is good! To make each of our denture clients' experiences with us memorable, successful, and long-lasting, Scarborough Dental Care is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results in town! All of our denture patients will be glad to know that our state-of-the-art Toronto denture clinic is equipped to handle all of your denture needs.

Do You Need Dentures?

A lot of our patients who are seeking dentures or in need of denture services are older patients who may have had some difficulties with their teeth. This is to be expected, as damaged and lost teeth are perfectly normal. As we age, our teeth wear down -even if we take exceptional care of them - making it difficult for us to chew our favorite foods, causing our teeth to lose their integrity and even all out. A lot of our patients come to us when they can't eat or smile properly anymore, and going out to eat is avoided at all costs. In public settings, a lot our patients often keep their mouths shut due to shame, learning to inhibit their laughter and smile. All of this in addition to the bad toothaches that often come with tooth loss, tooth decay, and the other oral problems that older patients often experience.

Do You Need Immediate or Permanent Dentures?

Scarborough Dental Care will be happy to provide a denture solution for you. Visit our Toronto denture clinic where our professional dentists offer a full suite of denture services, including temporary dentures and permanent dentures.

Immediate dentures are a common solution for our patients who have had teeth removed due to tooth decay or gum disease. Immediate dentures can be worn in the months immediately following tooth removal and are particularly preferred by people with sensitive gums or teeth.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures take longer to manufacture than immediate dentures - typically between three to six weeks. Permanent dentures require multiple dentist visits, as there are multiple steps as follows:

Step #1: Make Impressions
Step #2: Make Models
Step #3: Cast

Like immediate dentures, permanent dentures are removable. However, when you first get your permanent dentures you will need to wear them 24 hours a day. Scarborough Dental Care will make sure that you have a perfect fit when your dentures are complete.

Our Other Denture Services

Additionally, Scarborough Dental Care offers denture reline and repair services in-house. With our state-of-the-art dental clinic, we can take care of all of your denture needs. We even offer denture implants for those who are tired of dentures that constantly slip and slide, cause you to slur words, irritate your gums, and make it difficult for you to eat normally.

Contact our state-of-the-art Toronto denture clinic to set your first appointment where a dental technician will assess the condition of your teeth with you, go over your goals and options, and talk about financing options.