Partials & Full Dentures in Welland, ON

When considering options for tooth replacement, full and partial dentures in Welland, ON, stand out for their effectiveness and affordability. Full dentures are designed for individuals who have lost all their teeth in an arch, while partials are ideal for those who still retain some natural teeth. These prosthetic solutions, crafted at our Welland Dental Centre, offer a blend of comfort and aesthetics, restoring function and confidence. They mimic natural teeth in appearance, providing a seamless transition for our patients.

How are partials and full dentures made and fitted?

Creating partials and full dentures involves a detailed process to ensure a perfect fit and natural look. Initially, the patient’s mouth impressions are taken at our denture clinic near me in Welland. These molds are crucial for crafting dentures that align perfectly with the individual’s gum contours and existing teeth. The process typically involves several appointments to fine-tune the fit and appearance. We ensure that each full or partial denture is customized to the patient’s specific needs, focusing on comfort, function, and aesthetics.

Maintenance and care of your partials and full dentures

Caring for dentures is vital for their longevity and your oral health. Regular cleaning of false teeth is necessary to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria. We recommend using a soft-bristle brush and specific denture cleaning solutions, avoiding abrasive materials that could damage them. Soaking the dentures overnight in a cleansing solution helps maintain their shape and hygiene. Regular dental check-ups at Welland Dental Centre are essential to ensure your dentures and oral health are in optimal condition.

What to expect from partials and full dentures?

Adjusting to full or partial dentures can take some time, but the benefits are substantial. They repair the ability to eat and speak more effectively, improving overall quality of life. Initially, there may be some minor discomfort as your mouth adapts, but this usually subsides quickly. Regular office visits ensure adjustments are made promptly, providing maximum comfort. Additionally, denture implants can be an option for those seeking a more permanent solution, offering increased stability and support for the dentures.

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