Oral Cancer Screenings in Welland, ON

Oral cancer screening offered at Welland Dental Centre, is a critical procedure for early detection and prevention of mouth cancer. This screening involves thoroughly examining the oral cavity and associated structures to identify any signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. The importance of these screenings cannot be overstated, as early oral cancer detection significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. Regular screenings are a proactive measure to maintain oral health and safeguard against potential oral cancer diagnosis complications.

Who Should Get Oral Cancer Screenings and How Often?

Oral cancer screenings are advised for all adults, not just those at increased risk for mouth cancer. This includes individuals with a history of significant alcohol use, tobacco use of any kind, or a previous oral cancer diagnosis. But even if you don’t have these risk factors, regular screenings should still be a part of your routine dental check-ups. The frequency of these screenings can vary, but an oral cancer test should generally be done at least once a year. At Welland Dental Centre, we provide personalized advice on the frequency of screenings based on your health history and risk factors.

What to Expect During an Oral Cancer Screening and How to Prepare?

An oral cancer screening at Welland Dental Centre is a simple, non-invasive procedure typically conducted during a routine dental visit. Patients are advised to clean their teeth and remove any dental appliances to prepare for an oral cancer test. During the screening, a dentist at Welland Dental Centre will visually inspect the inside of your mouth for patches of color, sores, or other abnormalities. They will also feel the tissues in your mouth to detect any lumps or irregularities. In some cases, additional tests may be used to aid in oral cancer detection, such as special lights or dyes. Patients can expect a comfortable experience with no discomfort during the screening process.

Possible Outcomes and Follow-Up Steps

Following an oral cancer screening, most patients receive a clean bill of health. However, if any suspicious areas are found, further investigation is necessary. This may involve a biopsy or referral to a specialist for a more comprehensive oral cancer diagnosis. If cancer is detected, the team at Welland Dental Centre will guide patients through the next steps, including treatment options and supportive care. Regardless of the initial screening results, regular follow-ups are essential to monitor oral health and promptly address any future concerns.

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