Dental Bridges in Welland, ON

Welland Dental Centre specializes in dental bridges in Welland, ON, providing an effective solution for replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge fills the space created by one or more missing teeth using a false tooth anchored to adjacent natural teeth or implants. This procedure is essential for restoring oral functionality and aesthetics. Whether a single tooth bridge or a broader span, our experienced team customizes the treatment to blend flawlessly with your natural teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

We offer a variety of dental bridge types, each tailored to specific dental needs. The fixed dental bridge is well-liked, involving crowns on adjacent teeth with a prosthetic tooth in between. This option is prized for its strength and permanence. A dental bridge front teeth solution is carefully crafted for aesthetic appeal and functional integrity when addressing front teeth. The Maryland bonded bridge, another option, utilizes metal or porcelain wings bonded to existing teeth, offering a less invasive solution. Our expert team at Welland Dental Centre will guide you in choosing the most suitable type of bridge for your dental scenario.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

The advantages of opting for a dental bridge are multifaceted. Functionally, they improve your ability to chew and speak correctly. They also play a crucial role in maintaining facial shape, preventing remaining teeth from drifting, which could lead to further dental complications. From an aesthetic perspective, dental bridges enhance your smile, contributing significantly to self-esteem and overall appearance. Our bridges are meticulously crafted to ensure they imitate the color and texture of your natural teeth.

How to Care for Your Dental Bridges

Maintaining your dental bridge is vital for its longevity. Routine oral hygiene, including thorough brushing and flossing, is crucial. Particular attention should be given to cleaning under and around the bridge to prevent plaque accumulation. Regular dental check-ups at our Welland office are essential to monitor the health of your bridge and adjacent natural teeth. It’s also advisable to avoid biting down on hard foods or objects that could compromise the integrity of the bridge. With appropriate care, your dental bridge can be a long-lasting solution.

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